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13-15 November 2015

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Hosting Committe:

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The final Declaration of the summit 2015

Official summit Program



thu12nov12:00 am- 1:30 pmOpening Press ConferencePress conference12:00 am - 1:30 pm CET
fri13nov9:00 am- 12:15 pmOpening CeremonySummit Program Session9:00 am - 12:15 pm CET
sat14nov9:30 am- 11:45 pmSummit Program Sessions9:30 am - 11:45 pm CET
sun15nov9:30 am- 11:25 pmClosing CeremonySummit Program Session9:30 am - 11:25 pm CET
sun15nov11:30 am- 12:30 pmClosing Press ConferenceSummit Program Session11:30 am - 12:30 pm CET

What is the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

The history of the annual World Summits of Nobel Peace Laureates dates back to 1999, the year marking the first Summit held in Rome at the initiative of the Gorbachev Foundation, an international NGO found by the former leader of the USSR. Since then, the Summits have gained an importance as a venue for exchanging opinions and as an event promoting international peace campaigns and initiatives and well as developing concrete proposals to tackle the planet’s emergencies for a world without violence.

Each year the Summits are attended by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and prominent global figures, who are active in the social, scientific, political and cultural areas.
Extreme poverty experienced by a portion of the global population, problems with managing water resources, the role of ethics in politics and economic undertakings, cross-cultural integration of people
– these are only a few examples of the topics debated during the Summits.

Welcome to the XV World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

The dramatic refugee situation rises the top of the agenda, and it couldn’t be but this one the focus of this Summit’s edition. Refugees leave home because their choices have run out. They seek refuge from violence, chaos or poverty  and deserve better lives and better chances for the safe future. Besides, we believe that the immigrants when welcomed wisely can bring enormous benefits to the country. The history and experience of many developed countries proves it successfully. Our target is to address the world leaders and the international community a peace-achieving approach and to encourage people for humanitarian thinking and peaceful acting to bring more peace, tolerance, dialogue and compassion into our world.

Today’s humanitarian crisis is presented by lives disrupted by the civil wars, corruption and the poverty driven multiple crises arising from dysfunctional governance, the failure of the rule of law, hyper-exploitation, and environmental degradation. Responding to this crises on the human and immediate level is imperative and homes must be found, but that does not sufficiently address causes.

The policies advanced by Nobel Peace Laureates address the root causes of most of these crises. Peace is the currency of their lives and peace is both the solution and methodology of its achievement. The policies of the Laureates are what the world needs to prevent future refugee crises. With the focus on human rights, gender equity, environmental responsibility, peace and security, conflict prevention and resolution, and disarmament they serve as examples of how solutions can be obtained.

For three days in Barcelona some of the world’s most inspiring successful advocates of social, political, community, international, and personal peace will gather and address present challenges with inspiration and practical solutions.

On behalf of the Barcelona Host Committee for the 2015 World Summit, we express our gratitude for all those who joined us at the 15th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Barcelona. We express our joy and excitement that 20 Nobel Peace Laureate individuals and organisations are participating in this year’s Summit.

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made this event possible – from our partners and sponsors who have offered their professional insight, to Host Committee members who have built the foundation for this tremendous event.

Finally, we want to extend a message to the many young people who will be watching and participating in the events of the 2015 World Summit, whether by attending the event in Barcelona, or viewing the international live stream over the internet: we hope that the experiences, ideas and discussions at this Summit inspire you to enact positive change in your schools, communities, and lives.

The floor is now taken from the Nobel Peace Laureates, extraordinary individuals and international organizations who had a significant impact in our world today – in many instances they have changed it at great personal risk and sacrifice affecting untold lives in the process. It will be their duty, in Barcelona, to tackle with this difficult topic, through live discussions to reach any possible solution.

We are sure that, as Barcelona has been the starting point for a new dialogue in the Mediterranean, it will also provide the Summit with a laboratory for the generation of ideas to ensure lasting peace and development at the beginning of this new millennium. We encourage you to Advocate for refugees and work to Achieve the World Peace.

Our warmest wishes for a positive and productive 15th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

Executive Board

Ekaterina Zagladina

Enzo Cursio
Vice President